Frank Smith - NinetiesNineties
Big Snow (2013)
We Will All Win
Beaten Sacks of Death
It’s so Easy
How Many Ways
It’ll Be over Soon
One Day
Dinosaur Song
Lets Make Friends
Chewing Glass

Before You Were Born
Big Snow (2012)
A Decline
Before You Were Born
Hearing Voices
Homecomin’ Hater
It’s Been Four Months But It Feels Like Five
Fire Sleepin’
Lovesick Cynics

5, 10, 15, 21, 23, 32
Passin’ Through Time
It’s On Our Backs
Swollen Tongue
Hold Me By My Feet
Drift Away
Be The Disease
Frank Smith - Big Strike In Silver City
Big Strike In Silver City
Big Snow (2009)
Put Me In A Hole
Everybody Knows
Ruin Me
Lets Die Tonight
You Just Like To Lose
Highway Eyes
No More Animals
Keep The Money
Empty TV’s
Purple Front Door
Frank Smith - Heavy Handed Peace And Love
Heavy Handed Peace and Love
Ye Olde Records (2007)
Liar And A Thief
Throwin Rocks
Put Some Curtains Up
Home Is Where You Leave It
Lovesick Cynics
Virtually Happy
Ten Cent Hands
Ortiz Again
Planes And A Girl
Out Of Air And Turning Blue
Juliana Hatfield & Frank Smith - Sittin' In A Tree...
Sittin’ In A Tree…
Ye Olde Records (2007)
Don’t Wanna Be The One
A Beer And A Shot
If Only We Were Dogs
On Your Mind
Frank Smith - Red On White
Red On White
Big Snow (2006)
Belly Full Of Bait Part One
Apocalypse Circa Now
I’m On Fire
It Ain’t Right
Belly Full Of Bait Part Two
Black And Blue
Time To Cut The Fence
Belly Full Of Bait Part Three
Frank Smith - Think Farms
Think Farms
Lonesome Recordings (2005)
The Snakes In The Trees
Darker Days
Go Home
Blood & Time
Heads Up
Pontiac Grill
Banana Leaves
Hopelessly Lost
Colored Lights
Frank Smith - Burn This House Down
Burn This House Down
Lonesome Recordings (2004)
Take All The Things
In The Night
Keep Em Out
Texas Town
Cut Right Through
The Avenue
Wasting Away
7 Easy Steps
Frank Smith - LaGuardia
Lonesome Recordings (2002)
New Wave
9 isn’t 10
You Don’t Know
Travelling Roadside
Do It All Again
Wake Up
Living Room